Specialist Micro Digger Hire Operating Throughout Hempstead

Hire a micro digger with Swift Digger Hire Kent, we have a variety of micro excavators for modest tasks with restricted access. For both personal and commercial users, renting one of our micro-diggers is a cost-effective and practical solution.

The micro digger is a lightweight, tiny instrument that may be used in tight spaces. Our compact diggers can fit through gaps as small as 700 millimetres, making them suitable for customers in Hempstead who have restricted access.

Rental Discounts For Micro Diggers For Longer Hire In Hempstead

Our diggers are generally rented on a daily basis, but you will save a lot of money if you rent them for a week or longer. Swift Digger Hire Kent is regarded for providing some of the most cost-effective digger rental quotes in the market.

Free Rental For The Day If You Don't Recieve Your Micro Digger Within A 60 Minute Agreed Window

We recognise that in order to make money, a building site must run efficiently, and that when a client pays a job's fee, time is critical. Our staff sets a one-hour delivery window for your excavator; if we don't show up by then, the digger is yours for the day.

Service Back-Up For Your Late Model Micro Digger In Hempstead

Our mini diggers are well-maintained, and their warranties are extended when they expire. In the event of a problem, our technicians will attempt to fix or replace the equipment within one working day.

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Reasons To Use Our Affordable Micro Digger Rentals All Over Hempstead

Our Hempstead micro diggers can be utilised for a variety of purposes. You'll need one of our excavators to dig deep enough for a driveway, patio, equestrian rings, or even to pull out the gas and electric mains. Our micro diggers are capable of completing practically any task; they are durable and well-maintained, ensuring that your duties are completed quickly.

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Hire A Micro Excavator In Hempstead When Time Is Of The Essence

Swift Digger Hire Kent is dedicated to ensuring that your micro digger arrives on schedule and in good functioning order in Hempstead. We learned the value of punctuality from our prior work in the construction business. We guarantee that our mini diggers will arrive within 60 minutes of the scheduled arrival time, or we will offer you a free rental day. We recognise the importance of having your equipment on site and on time to finish your project successfully.

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Micro Diggers That Are Rented For A Long Period Of Time Are Eligible For A Discount

Please inquire about discounts for Hempstead clients who rent mini diggers on a regular basis by contacting our sales department. Our team works hard to find a price that you can afford.


Types of Diggers We Supply You In Hempstead

Swift Digger Hire Kent offers digger options ranging from micro diggers to skid steers


Bobcat invented the skid steer loader and has produced them for more than 60 years. They've earned a reputation for dependability, efficiency, and quality. Bobcat skid-steer attachments are available for a wide range of Bobcat skid-steer models, making them versatile job-site tools. You'll realise how much better this machine is than the competition as soon as you get into the cab. This technology was developed to push the boundaries in every way possible, resulting in increased production where it is most required.


These micro diggers are a small excavator with a lot of power. When you truly need it, they have incredible strength. Every machine is engineered to provide the highest levels of comfort and precision available in the industry. With the help of this little machine, productivity can be greatly increased.


Micro Diggers can assist you in reaching areas that are difficult to reach with manual labour. You can go through even smaller spaces and navigate tighter roads with Zero Tail Swing. It possesses the most slewing and spoil depositing flexibility, as well as the best wear and tear resistance of any material.

Manufacturers Of Micro Diggers We Supply To Hempstead Customers

We only deal with the best, which is why we're pleased to announce that we supply all major digger brands, including bobcat, jcb, caterpillar, hitachi, and kubota, and that our entire fleet of diggers will be available starting in 2021.

What Should You Do If Your Micro Digger Doesn't Work?

Our micro diggers do have defects from time to time, but they are rare. Our little diggers are well-maintained to ensure that this occurs as infrequently as possible. If this occurs, we have backup manufacturer services on standby who will come to your location within one business day to fix or replace your micro digger if it cannot be repaired on site. Even after the warranties on certain diggers have expired, we continue to provide the same quality of service.

More Information About Hempstead

Hempstead is a village near Gillingham, Kent in South East England. Historically a small hamlet, Hempstead grew throughout the 20th century to become part of the urban area of the Medway Towns.

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0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

The 0.8-tonne micro digger, also known as a doorway digger or micro excavator, is a compact, durable, and easy-to-use machine. With a width of only 725mm, this machine is designed to go through a standard doorway and is suited for working within buildings or in rear gardens. Because of its low ground bearing pressure, this small digger is also well suited to landscape applications.

Bucket sizes: 300mm, 450mm, and discarding 230mm and 600mm buckets are available as alternatives.

Any three of the following buckets can be given at any moment. Please specify if you require one of the available sizes or if you prefer buckets with teeth when making a reservation online or over the phone.

Machine weight: 850 kg

725mm broad, 2750mm long

The maximum digging depth is 1720mm.

The gasoline tank has a 12 litre capacity.

8.3rpm swivelling speed 2.0 km/hr maximum travel speed

Diesel as a source of energy

Dimensions: 2750 x 725 x 2000 mm (L X W X H)

Weight: 850 kg

Diesel as a source of energy

Micro Digger Brands

Hitachi Excavator
JCB Excavators
Caterpillar Diggers
Bobcat Diggers

Brand Product

Hitachi Excavator
JCB Excavators
Caterpillar Diggers
Bobcat Diggers

Micro Digger Information

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